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Ti Gr 9 / 3.7194

Titanium Alloy ( 3AL/2.5V) Grade 9 is sometimes referred to as half Ti 6/4. It offers higher strengths than the commercially pure alloys , and is easier to form than the Ti 6AL/4V “work horse alloy”. Its main available form is seamless tubing used in the aircraft and leisure industries such as bicycle frames and golf clubs etc . Typically this alloy is supplied in two Conditions Annealed and CWSR ( Cold Worked & Stress Relieved)

Grade 9 / 3.7194 metal powder for 3d metal printing

We are pleased to offer you powder for 3D printing made of 3.7194 (Grade 9). Send us your inquiry.

Material Data Sheet Ti Gr 9

Material No. 3.7194
Alloy Titanium 3AL- 2.5V
UNS UNS R56320
Norm/Standard Titanium 3-2.5


Used in aircraft applications where strength is required but weight is a critical factor. Ti-3Al-2.5V is used in tubular form since it has proven to be much more malleable than Ti-6-4 and has useful properties for applications in hydraulic systems. Ti-3Al-2.5V titanium tubing can be cold worked by standard tube manufacturing processes or supplied in the annealed condition. Other applications include, bicycle and wheel chairs frames.

Chemical Composition Ti Gr 9

Al V Ti O C
% %   % %
2.5-3.5 2.0-3.0 Rest 0.15 max 0.06 max
Ni H Fe Others  
% % ≤ % %  
0.03 max 0.015 max 0.25 0.04 max  

Special Properties Ti Gr 9

Melting Range < 1700 Deg C 
Density 4.48 g/cm³
Elastic Modulus 100 GPa
Shear Modulus 44 GPa

Excellent Resistance to pitting and crevice / erosion corrosion

High Mechanical strengths , superior to the C. P Titanium Grades

Specifications Ti Gr 9

The Hempel stock material fulfills generally following specifications:

ASTM B338 Fully Annealed


AMS 4943/4/5


The material comes with a 3.1 certification.
3.2 certification are available with surcharge.

Mechanical Properties Ti Gr 9

UTS 0.2 % Yield Elongation 2"
  MPa MPa
Annealed 620 485
CWSR 861 724

Delivery program

Tubes / Fittings ISO6708


Material Outlet by Hempel

ECONOXX.com offers buyers a new and uncomplicated procurement channel, which also includes small quantities and materials in special alloys at favourable conditions.

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