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CuBe 2 Pb - AM173

Special materials for the watch industry and precision engineering industry. Non-magnetic with very good workability and excellent material stability.

CuBe 2 Pb - AM173 metal powder for 3d metal printing

We are pleased to offer you powder for 3D printing made of CuBe 2 Pb - AM173. Send us your inquiry.

Material Data Sheet

Norms 2.1248
  ASTM B196

Main fields of application of CuBe 2 Pb - AM173

The expansion treatment applied to the AM173 makes this CeBe particularly well suited for wheel manufacturing, and any component requiring optimal flatness.

Chemical composition of alloy CuBe 2 Pb - AM173

Be 1.80 - 1.90 Ni + Co 0.20 min
Co 0.20 - 0.25 Ni + Co + Fe 0.40 max
Pb 0.30 - 0.60 Cu Balance

Mechanical properties of CuBe 2 Pb - AM173

TH04 hardness 360 400 HV
Rm 1100 - 1300 Mpa
Tolerance h6, Lg 2 m
Grain size ≥ 8.5
Density 8.25 g/cm3

Delivery program

Dimension range: 1.0 mm - 10.00 mm

More sizes available upon request.

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